My Four Favorite Pubs in Austin

Hello again beer lovers. In this post I have placed a Google Map below that shows the location of my top four pubs for quality brew in Austin. This is an evolving map, and in the future it will grow to locate many more locations to please your palate. In addition, we here at Austin Brew will be giving deeper reviews of each pub on the map. Cheers!


Dog image:

Duck image:

saucer image :

beer icon:

11 Responses to “My Four Favorite Pubs in Austin”

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  2. I can’t believe you don’t have billies on there !!

  3. Great mashup! What site did you use to make it?

  4. Billies is definitely coming Chad, love their pale ale! Bill, its rather easy to make a map like this one. Go to Google Maps, my maps, and create new map. There are some tutorials on their site as well.

  5. Great Job! I would point out, however, that you put the Dog and Duck really far north, when it’s just on 17th.

  6. Thanks Tim, I think it’s correct now.

  7. That’s a pretty awesome map, nicely done gents. Now if only I was actually 21 so I could visit those fine establishments.

  8. This is a good looking mashup, the saucer is a really good place to try new beers. Gotta love the daily fire sale!

  9. You guys should check out this convenience store/ gas station on 45th and Duval. I can’t remember the name but they let you buy a mix and match 6-pack so that you can try a few different exotic beers without spending a ton of money. Its a little pricey (about 12$ a 6-pack) but it’s worth it if you like to try new types of beers. Also they limit you to one of each kind of beer. You should chack it out and maybe do a post on it.

  10. Erin Harris Says:

    don’t kid yourself, michael!

    i love the mash-up, and i was particularly drawn to the title of your post because it screamed “easy, interesting read.” i guess i’m a sucker for lists like the rest of online readers.

  11. Here’s a way to cheer on the Longhorns during the National Championship Game – with burnt orange beer!

    The bartenders at Sherlock’s Baker St. Pub & Grill, 9012 Research Blvd., have concocted a burnt orange beer they’ll be pouring on Thursday, January 7 while Texas battles Alabama for the National Championship. The pub will remain open and continue to serve the burnt orange beer until 2 am.

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