New Belgium 2 Below

Although it is still a bit early to be thinking about the coming winter months, I recently had the privilege of cozying up to the local Spiderhouse Cafe and getting an early start on the frigid season with the 2 Below offering from New Belgium Brewing.

Not many beers can say that they have their origins in an annual ski competition, but 2 Below Ale began as a brew especially for the Al Johnson Uphill Downhill that is held in Crested Butte, Colorado.

2 belowAccording to the New Belgium description of 2 Below, “Dry hopping during fermentation creates a floral nose with a hint of pepper and spicy, subtle undertones. 2° Below provides a bright, hoppy palate and a cheery warm afterglow.”

After my initial pour, I noticed the deep amber glow that resonated from the glass. It gave off a pretty frothy head and held a very weighty feeling on the tongue for an ale.

Drinking it, I noticed a hint of both chocolate and a slight bit of peppermint that infused the brew. These flavors were not at all overwhelming, however, and made a very pleasing accentuation to an already robust flavor.

I feel that this beer would make an excellent pairing with a myriad of different types of food. I already mentioned that chocolate would be an excellent choice to compliment the flavor, but the website also offers its own suggestions as well, from apples, to almonds, to sweet potatoes and even chile con queso.

If you’re looking for something to keep you warm in the coming cold climate, you could do a lot worse than this fine offering from New Belgium.

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