The Draught House Pub & Brewery

Due to my unfortunate inability to properly read, I was hoping that I would be able to cover the Draught House’s 41st anniversary this Saturday, but it turns out that it was November 7th, not November 21st. But being the intrepid reporter that I am, I decided to go ahead and slog through another grueling beer tasting for the benefit of you, the reader. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.

Anyway, sarcasm aside, the Draught House is one of Austin’s premier breweries with over 6o beers on tap. The Draught House also has a decent selection of house beers to keep any beer aficionado satisfied, regardless of personal preference.

The first one that I tried was their in-house brewed Double IPA, which they described as having “4 pounds per barrel of American hops. Big and floral with aromas of pine, citrus, mango, pineapple. Huge resinous flavor of hops.” I thought this beer was excellent for pairing with food, and I also really enjoyed the overall citrus aroma and flavor. I would give it 4 mugs out of 5 on the Austin Brew Scale.

For my next tasting, I decided to forego trying another in-house brew and instead went with the Green Flash IPA. I mostly based this decision on the fact that the Green Flash was their featured beer that day.

Although it wasn’t bad, I felt that the Green Flash had a much more bitter flavor, and I was not quite as keen on the aftertaste. It definitely had a more “hoppy” flavor to it, and although there was a slight citrus essence to it, it wasn’t as pleasing a taste as the Double IPA. I would give this one a 3.25 out of 5 mugs.

I definitely enjoyed the atmosphere they have at the Draught House; although they have a TV inside, it doesn’t feel like a sports bar, with a decidedly more intimate atmosphere. And like I said before, free pizza on Wednesdays! Hopefully, we will be trying all of the in-house options at the Draught House, so be on the lookout for that in the future.


7 Responses to “The Draught House Pub & Brewery”

  1. Geez, you do love your IPAs. Although I do consider myself a beer man, I’ve never really developed a taste for IPAs. I’ve had some good ones in my time, but more often then not it just seems like punishment until you can get to the better stuff. Any particular one you would recommend to show me the error of my ways?

  2. Great post Tim, I think the video beer review works nicely. Perhaps all the Austin brew members could get together sometime and have a round-table review at the Draught House?

  3. Erin Harris Says:

    Did you shoot this yourself? Love the quality of vimeo! I’ll have to figure out vod pod and use it next time.

    • My friends Jack and Jake helped me shoot it on a Panasonic camcorder, then we edited on iMovie. You have to wait 30 minutes for it to upload to Vimeo, but, as you can see, it’s totally worth it.

  4. Pretty good video quality and I agree with you on our double IPA and totally agree with you on the “eh” quality and finish of the Flash IPA.

    Our double kicked even Racer X’s ass. Best batch ever.


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