Lindeman’s Dual: Peaches or Apples?

Hey Beer lovers,

Today, I’m getting back to the basics with a good ol’ fashioned beer rating. However, unlike previous posts, the ratings have been determined by four of my friends. Using the brew guys 5 mug scale, they rated each beer and provided commentary on each.

Tim’s post about Cider got me wondering about what other alternative beers exist and if they are any good. As you may have read in my Houston post, I have tried Lindeman’s Framboise and found it to be pretty good. My friends and I are going to try two other of Lindeman’s fruity creations. If you do not like the taste of the average beer, this post is just for you!

Now for beer number one: Lindemans Pomme Beer

Pomme, which is French for Apple, described perfectly the smell of this beer. Although perhaps the french word for sour, “aigrir,” should have been use as well.

Here are some of the descriptions:

“Smells like sour apple juice mixed with beer…tastes very sour.”

“This one smells a lot more like beer…the taste is very sour, almost like a sour candy.”


Bottle Opening – when beer bottlers go mad

One thing I should note about these beers is that they were packaged more like wine bottles than beers. As such, here is a quick video of how to pop the top if you run into this problem with one of these crazy beers. Also, I apologize for my friends in the background, they will likely be at Chuck E. Cheese tomorrow trying to relive those grade school days.

And now for beer number two: Lindemans Peche Beer

Peche, also a French word, means Peach. Like the Pomme, this beer is brewed (malt based), after which fruit is added to create a second fermentation and add the taste of fruit.

Here is the commentary on this beer:

“This beer is like Welch’s juice”

“I can smell the hops but it tastes sweet and the residual taste is bubbly, almost like flavored sparkling water or wine.”

“Reminds me of a sparkling Cider, maybe a champagne.”






Overall, my friends enjoyed both drinks, but only requested a second serving of today’s winner…


Here are the ratings from today’s tasters:

Pomme: 2, 2.5, 3, 3 (all out of five)

Peche: 4, 4, 4, 4.5 (all out of five)

Thanks again for reading and be sure to come back for our posts on Monday!


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