Visting Real Ale Brewery

Last Friday I set off to Blanco, TX to tour the Real Ale brewery. The town of Blanco is about 50 miles south-west of Austin, but seeing the brewery is well worth the hour drive in my opinion. When I first got there I was kind of surprised to see about 20 people already sampling beers and waiting for the first tour to begin. Below are some of the photos  I took while at the brewery, and for a review of some of these beers check out Bill’s Real Ale post.

This tank was the first sign that I had arrived.

These were the beers being sampled that day. My favorite was the Oktoberfest.

Special Delivery!

Head Brewer Erik Ogershok in tour mode.

The Real Ale brewery has recently expanded their operation. This is some of their new brewing equipment.

Erik demonstrating a mechanical arm used to move kegs after they have been filled.

These oak barrels are used to age beer and create unique flavors.


8 Responses to “Visting Real Ale Brewery”

  1. Great photos! Sounds like a really fun and educational time

  2. Yea it was cool. You should really try and go some time.

  3. Oh man, these were some sweet photos! I want to go there sooooo bad now.

  4. Cassandra H Says:

    Dedication to the blog! It looks like you had a great trip. What was your favorite sample?

  5. Awesome post! You guys are definitely dedicated to quality beer consumption and it shows in your posts. Sort of jealous

  6. I’m seething with jealousy as I debate between cracking open a Firemans or Coffee Porter. Real Ale is definitely the best Texas beer has to offer in my opinion (sorry St. Arnolds). Glad to see you have such good taste in beer to go with your photographer’s eye and writer’s touch.

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