Independence Brewery (2 of 2)

Hello Beer aficionados! In this post I continue my two-part series on Independence brewery located in Austin, TX. In the last post I described a talk that my friend Kris and I had with Independence owners Rob and Amy Cartwritght. Below you will find a video that we put together which highlights some of the interview, and afterwards check out my continuation of the Independence beer review.

Austin Amber — This amber is the perfect beer to have on a hot summer day. Light, smooth, and clean, this brew has flavors of malts with a slight hit of hops at the end. Rob and Amy told me that people were having trouble identifying their beers with Austin, so they decided to put it right in the name: Austin Amber. Independence describes this one:

“A special blend of malted barley – lightly to darkly roasted – creates layers of toasty sweetness, balanced by the citrusy notes of Vanguard hops. Burnt orange with a laid back finish, this is the beer of Austin.”

I give Austin Amber: 3.5 out of 5 mugs

Freestyle: Wheat Beer — Here is another one that goes great with the hot summer days of Texas. This brew is crisp with light malt flavors that make it very easy to drink. If you’re a fan of wheat beers then you should definatley give the Freestyle a go. Independence has more:

“Brewed with the finest two-row pale malt and American white wheat, Freestyle has a crisp, dry flavor followed by a slightly sweet malt finish. It’s light and refreshing, like a pilsner brewed as an ale. This could also be called a blonde ale, but since it plays fast and loose with classic beer categories, we call it Freestyle.”

I give Freestyle: Wheat beer: 3.5 out of 5 mugs

Jasperilla Old Ale — In the last post I said that Independence Pale Ale was my favorite 6-pack sold by the company, but of all the beers available, Jasperilla is my favorite. The beer is available only in 22 oz bottles and it is brewed just once a year, after which it is aged for 6 months prior to release, hence the “Old” in the brew’s title. What’s even more interesting is that due to the aging process, each yearly batch comes out with a slightly unique flavor. Rob showed me where the current batch is resting and said he expects to unleash it in the coming new year.Independence describes more:

“Brilliantly golden, Jasperilla is a unique take on an old ale. Biscuity malt flavors meld with subtle plum and berry notes, produced by a special blend of English Old Ale and Chico yeasts. Brewed once a year, and aged for six months prior to release, the Jasperilla is smooth despite its 9% abv.”

I give Jasperilla Old Ale: 4.25 out of 5 mugs


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  1. I wanna try that Jasperilla Old Ale…

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