How To Pour A Beer

A post on a Saturday! I feel like I’m taking crazy pills! Seriously though, I thought this was an important issue that needed to be addressed ASAP.

This post is pretty self-explanatory and came about from listening to several friends bemoan their skills at pouring beer into a glass or stein or mug or what have you. There was either too much head or too little head or overflow problems that were causing them to lose some of their beer. With this video, I hope I can eliminate any unnecessary waste so that readers won’t miss out on their favorite beverage.

Think of it as a public service.

And there you have it. I hope that was helpful.

BTW, while we’re on the subject of Dogfish Head, I thought it might be pertinent to bring to your attention this recent posting from Paste Magazine. Normally a music and film website/magazine, Paste has branched out by ranking the best breweries of the past decade. You should definitely check it out; hopefully we will be able to have reviews for some of the products of these breweries in the near future.


6 Responses to “How To Pour A Beer”

  1. Such an important skill and really vital to beer drinking. Plus you won’t look like a newbie or fool around your friends if you get too much foam and can’t pour the whole beer in a glass.

  2. That is a true public service right there, nicely done. By the way, nice use of the Coffee Porter in the intro to the video, that stuff is delicious.

  3. Erin Harris Says:

    I’m so appreciative of this post! Beer is my new(ish) drink of choice, and this is great to know.

  4. Thanks, guys! I will try to find more practical stuff like this that everyone can do in future posts.

  5. brandonfried Says:

    This is great, Tim. Really awesome. PS I loved the Halloween glass you used, haha.

  6. I’ve heard there are different techniques to pouring depending on if the beer is bottled or on tap. Is this true?

    I’m not very picky about how my beer comes so I haven’t done too much of my own experimenting, but I’ve heard it has something to do with the way the beer is allowed to mix with itself in each container.

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