Dog and Duck Pub

Last night, after enjoying a free Applebees dinner for Veterans Day (which came with dollar draft beers of Fat Tire), I headed to the Dog and Duck Pub with a few friends. The Dog and Duck has a relaxed, old world feel and plenty of great beers on tap. I implored my friends to forgo their typical Bud Lights and try something new.


Joseph looking forward to tasting the Chimay Blue.

Joseph tried out the Chimay Blue. The Chimay brewery is actually in a  Belgium’s Trappist Monastery. And those monks sure know how to brew a beer. There are four varieties of Chimay. I think Joseph tried the Chimay Blue.

It is a stout beer, with %9 alcohol by volume. You pay for that stoutness and quality. It cost my friend $6.75. Note that he got it in a special beer goblet. I was taken aback by the price and appealing presentation. Joseph described the taste as sweet and very unique. He offered me a sip and it reminded me of Christmas. Overall, he gave the Chimay an impressive 4.25 out of 5 mugs on the Austin Brew Scale. Worth the price!


Sam is satisfied by his Summit Pale Ale.

Sam tried out the Summit Pale Ale after the recomendation of the bartender. He said the Summit hit the tongue hard and bit with strong hops. He said there was also a distinct aftertaste after setting the brew down. Overall, he enjoyed his departure from Bud Light and gave the beer 2.5 out of 5 mugs.


Enjoying the relaxed atmophere at the Dog and Duck and my 1554.

I tried the 1554 by New Belgium Brewery. The beer pours like a dark coffee with little head. The beer has a chocolaty malty flavor, but surprisingly isn’t overwhelmingly strong. Its mellow taste goes down smooth with a light body. I give the 1554 a 3.5 out of 5. A good cold weather beer.

The Dog and Duck is a good end to a hectic day!


One Response to “Dog and Duck Pub”

  1. Oh man, I LOVE Dog and Duck. Seriously, Live Oak and fried pickles are the best. Always a great place to go when I get off work.

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