512 Brewery Tasting

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend a beer tasting at 512 Brewing Company’s brewery. 512, a local microbrewery here in Austin, was very welcoming. And unlike a bar or restaurant, attendees at a tasting like this get the full beer experience. There is something to be said about drinking a beer, knowing it was made less than 50 feet away from the keg its was served from.

512 Brewery

I was surpirsed at the exterior, but the brew was top notch

Having only gone to a few small microbreweries with adjoining  was surprised to see that it was just a series of buildings that look like warehouses. However, I quickly realized to never judge a book by its cover. 512 provided guests with 3 tickets, each redeemable for a 4 oz sample of the many beers they offered. Guests also had the option of purchasing a 512 pint glass for $5 and having it filled three times. I couldn’t pass up the three pints for five dollars offer, so I went ahead and bought a glass.

512 Pouring real

It was hard to pick just three!

I won’t do an extensive beer review on the beers I tried (One, Bruin, and Pecan), but I will say that the Pecan Porter was my favorite brew of the day. Beer advocate also thinks pretty highly of this brew. Several of the folks I spoke with seemed to agree, one commenting that the pecan flavor is very pronounced and unique.

512 Cupcake

The beer was good, but this cupcake really hit the spot!

In addition to being an opputunity to try new beers and revisit old favorites, tastings at 512 are a very social experience. People bring chairs and sit around talking about all sorts of things. Although I ventured to the brewery alone, I was able to make friends and connect with fellow beer lovers in Austin. John Paul, found here on Twitter, introduced me to a couple of other folks working at the brewery. The first, an employee at the brewery, had made some delicious cupcakes (which she shared with me) using a variety of alcoholic drinks including Bailey’s Irish Cream and 512 Pecan Porter.


2 Responses to “512 Brewery Tasting”

  1. That sounded like a good time. Could you tell any actual difference in the taste of the beer at the brewery versus in a bar?

  2. I just read a post


    about super low calorie beer. Would people actually drink this and does it taste different than regular beer? Just wondering.

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