Cold Ones

My previous plan was to post a review of a local beer sampler, but due to previous engagements and a lack of funds, I wanted to bring you something that you will hopefully enjoy just as much: movies!

In this new feature, Cold Ones, I will review beer-centric or beer-related movies that have made a splash in pop culture.

strange-brewFor my first feature film, I felt it was necessary to start with a pretty obvious choice in Strange Brew, the semi-cult classic hailing from the Great White North of Canada.

For those who haven’t seen it, Strange Brew stars Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas as the bumbling, booze obsessed McKenzie brothers, Bob and Doug. Based on characters created for the legendary sketch comedy show, SCTV, the movie shares many similarities with another movie based on a comedy sketch, Wayne’s World.

Both movies feature the surreal misadventures of two eccentric characters who constantly break the fourth wall to talk to the audience while sending up classic Hollywood cliches. The movie is also explicitly Canadian with near constant use of Canadian slang and references to hockey and the like. The story involves the brothers trying to outwit an evil scientist who plans to use a shipments of tainted beer to brainwash the world’s population.

But enough about the plot. Let’s talk about the beer.

Much of the movie is centered around the fictional Elsinore Brewery, which is the means to which the villain plans to infect the populace. Although we can only speculate as to the taste of an Elsinor brew, the movie also gave ample screen time to an actual Canadian beer: Molson Canadian. Hopefully, we will provide you with a review of this beer in the near future.

Overall, the movie was pretty funny, and you will definitely have a good time if you have an affinity for either beer or Canada. Now I’ll just leave you with a little clip to whet your appetite. So crack open a Cold One and take off, ya hoser.


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