European Tour Part (1 of 2)

Tucked away in north campus is a same, family owned convenience store/gas station called Hyde Park Market. The variety of beers offered at this store would make even the great Chuck Norris shed a tear. However, unlike most stores that sell alcohol, Hyde Park allows patrons to select any six beers to build your own “mix ‘n match” six-pack (as long as each beer comes from a different brewery. With this superpower, I decided to purchase one six-pack of European beers and one six-pack of beers from across our great nation. I will feature my reviews of these beers in two, two-part series. Today, I welcome you to the world of beers from Germany eastward.

The first beer I tried was Aris Greek Lager. This beer, brewed in the land of the original Olympians, is made by Mythos Brewery. Although beer advocate was unkind to this beer, I contend that it is a worthwhile try. Aris is a very smooth , drinkable beer although it carries with it a very skunky smell. Once poured, it has a very small head and is a very deep yellow, almost amber. I admit that the smell made me second guess my spirit of exploration but I went ahead and took a swing. The beer didn’t burst with flavor but held its own very well. The best part of the beer was the subtle aftertaste that was very sweet, almost like honey. Although beer advocate gives this beer a C, it deserves a little more credit then that.

My grade: C+

Next on the menu was a very classy looking beer called Leffe Blonde. This beer, brewed in Belgium by Leffe, has a very healthy head and is amber in color. The beer’s webpage even offers beer drinkers with a “how to” video for pouring purposes. The page suggests that the beer has banana in it, a claim I confirmed with my first sip. The beer tasted very much like the hefeweizens I have come to know and love. The flavor was not to light but not to strong. I consider this a perfect beer to have with dinner.

My grade: A

The final beer I tried was Kostriker Schwarzbier, a product of Germany and brewed according to Germany Purity law says the bottle. This black beer had a light brown head and was one of the lighter dark beers I have tried to date. The flavor was pretty good, and the cocoa and coffee flavorings were noticeable enough to enjoy. Although not quite a Xingu or 1554 New Belgium, I would order this with a good steak or pot roast.

My grade: B


5 Responses to “European Tour Part (1 of 2)”

  1. brandonfried Says:

    This place is just a few blocks from where I live and I love their mix-n-match option. Good find, guys!

  2. I have never actually been to Hyde Park market, but after reading your writeup, it will be my next stop when I am in need of unique beers. Also, I never knew about the “purity law.” There are many interesting laws vis a vi alcohol and naming and such. Perhaps that will be the topic of an upcoming post…

  3. This is a really cool series and I love Hyde Park Market. I commented on James’ last post saying you guys should do something on this store. I actually went to the Lowenbrau Haus in Munich. It’s one of the most famous German breweries next to the Hofbrau Haus. You can get both of there beers at Hyde Park Market also. They’re probably my two favorite German beers — not too heavy and not too bitter.

  4. […] those of you who didn’t read part one, I purchased a “mix-n-match” six-pack from hyde park market. Each beer was imported for […]

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