Flying Saucer Fall Beer Festival

On Saturday I attended my first ever beer festival. It was hosted by Flying Saucer in the Triangle. One of the grassy plots of land was filled with tents that served more than 30 beers, brats on a bun, pretzels, and snow cones. This was certainly a beer lover’s paradise. For $15 I purchased a tasting card that entitled me to try 10 different beers from the 4oz glass that came with the purchase. Folks  who didn’t want to bother with the tiny glass were able to purchase pints from one of the tents.

 Fall Beer Fest

A golden ticket for adults

Although I was unable use my ten samples due to the Texas/Mizzou game, I did get through eight samplings, most of which were very enjoyable. One of my favorite brews of the night was Modus Hoperandi, which is made by Ska Brewing Company. It took a bit of courage for me to try this particular brew as I am not a fan of IPAs. It was a light orange color that lived up to its namesake by providing a high level of hopiness. It also had a very smooth finish.

List of Beers

Don't be fooled by the holes, one of the servers gave me a free sampling.

Another one of my favorite brews from the festival was Oatmeal Stout, which is made by Anderson Valley Brewing Company. This award-winning beer was very dark brown in color and very easy to drink. Although I may be a bit biased to dark beers, this was by far my favorite my dark beer since my buddy had me try Xingu, a very good black beer from Brazil that I highly recommend.

The final beer I’ll mention in this post is Dogfish Head Pumpkin. Although I have enjoyed most of the autumn brews I tried, this beer wasn’t quite up to par. The spices were a bit overpowering and it certainly didn’t go well with the large pretzel and mustard I purchased, although the pretzel was fantastic and gets two thumbs up from me.

My experience at the festival was fantastic. The people were very nice, and I even made a couple of friends in line. The servers were always very attentive and I even received a free sample from one of guys pouring the booze.

For those of you who haven’t been to the Flying Saucer, I highly recommend that you go and try one of their hundreds of beers. The food is always good and the beers are changed out seasonally so you’ll be hard pressed to drink the same brew twice, unless of course you want to.


2 Responses to “Flying Saucer Fall Beer Festival”

  1. Sounds just like Deutschland ! :] Did you get to keep a cool glass ?

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