Austin Amber and the HopDevil

In my first post to Austin Brew, I felt it only appropriate to try a true Austin beer. The aptly named Austin Amber, brewed right here in Austin, by Independence Brewery.


Austin Amber

The brewers say that Austin Amber

“Captures the flavor and the feeling of our fair city. From the Pennybacker Bridge that spans beautiful Lake Austin on Highway 360, to the Congress Avenue Bridge and its bat colony, that leads to the heart of downtown. From the moontowers that first illuminated Austin neighborhoods in 1894, and later reminded us of keg parties of old in Dazed and Confused, to the live music that illuminates music halls and dive bars alike on a nightly basis.”


Taking great care to observe the nuances.

I do not know if I would wax so poetic over the beer, but I did enjoy it.

The beer pours with little to no head and has a very slight hoppy scent. The beer has a dark, even burnt orange color that looks very appealing. The taste was actually very subdued. It was slightly hoppy, with some subtle floral and roasted flavors. I would also describe the taste as somewhat flat. Austin Amber is good, but not extraordinary and I give it a $4 out of $10 on the Austin Brew Scale.


Victory HopDevil

Last weekend I happened to find myself at World Market on Brodie. The store has a pick your own six pack option and a selection from all over the world. My attention was drawn to the The Hop Devil, brewed by the Victory Brewery. I recalled that the Hop Devil was one of the top beers at Beer Advocate and other beer sites. Apparently my beer memory does come in handy at times. I quickly added it to my build a six pack.


This was taken after I took a few sips, so the head had dissipated.

Right off the bat, I knew I was in for a unique beer. After pouring, the head lingered for several minutes. The hoppiness was evident after the first wiff. The taste of the hops hit my tongue like a hammer. This beer is no joke. After tasting the hops, the taste of caramel and chocolate shown through. The beer also packed a lingering bitter aftertaste. I thought this was a great, hearty beer. My friends might have disagreed.

After giving one a sip, she quickly made a bitter beer face and vowed never to drink it again.

I was unphased by her anti-hop sentiments and finished the delicious drink and give it a $6 out of $10 on the Austin Brew Scale.



2 Responses to “Austin Amber and the HopDevil”

  1. I think I may just not be one for strong hoppy beers. Or maybe, I just have an unrefined beer pallet. Either way, the HopDevil just was not for me. Glad you liked it though.

  2. I agree with you on the Austin Amber beer. It was good but not as majestic as the creator made it out to be. There is also a market on 45th and Duval that has a build your own six-pack if you guys want to try that next. Good stuff all around

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